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Movers Carrying Shelving Unit


After learning the project that junk hauling and moving service provided, I immediately fell in love. I have 10 years of experience and have learned so much about hauling and continue to improve my knowledge in order to provide superior quality work and excellent customer service. My goal is to make sure my company offers the best junk hauling and local moving services possible. We are the hauling company that is dependable, reliable, fast and most importantly we provide quality work.


Single Item & Local Moves

We understand that sometimes it can be a hassle to transport your article or items from point A to point B. Let's not forget that it can be quite expensive as well. Local Movers charge a price range between $590- $1660. That's why we developed a single item & local move service option. Whether it's a TV, refrigerator, bed, dresser, nightstand, bed frame, computer desk, furniture, or just a few large size items. We can assist in your single item & local moves. The cost ranges between $1.50-$2.00 a minute which includes between one or two moving experts to assist in your local moves.

This approximate cost covers the distance of travel and gas. Don't forget are elite movers have the appropriate equipment to make sure your articles are safely transported. The following equipment consists of : Premium Ratchet tie down straps, top of the line bungee cords, heavy-duty tarps in the event it rains to protect your items, and heavy duty padded moving blankets. We make sure our professional movers carry special lifting equipment such as shoulder dolly moving straps that consists of two movers to carry and secure heavy objects up to 700 lbs.

Movers Working
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